transport, is now supported by TAO.
  • A new HTIOP protocol was added to TAO.
  • The Component Integrated ACE ORB (CIAO), a CORBA Component Model implementation, was added. The CCM Deployment and Configuration specification has also largely been implemented.
  • RTCORBA 2.0's dynamic scheduling is now implemented.
  • TAO now supports CSIv2 (Common Secure Interoperability version 2).
  • Added support for FT CORBA specification features.
  • CORBA::Any implementation improvements fix some bugs, improve performance, and reduce footprint.
  • TAO's valuetype support is improved.
  • AMH support is improved.
  • TAO 1.4a is available for immediate download, in source-code form, from The new, expanded edition of the TAO Developers Guide is currently under development.

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    TAO 1.4a Release Notes

    TAO is a truly open-source project with literally thousands of contributors. In particular, OCI would like to acknowledge and thank the Distributed Object Computing team for all their hard work and commitment to TAO.

    OCI offers a wide array of technical support options for TAO and the Java-based ORB, JacORB. Our service areas include systems architecture, large-scale distributed application architecture and object-oriented design and development. We specialize in architecting solutions with middleware technologies such as CORBA, J2EE, XML and wireless. For more information, please see or contact sales for more information.

    The OCI TAO Team