Shipping Policies

Please read this information carefully. It stipulates how we will handle your order. We have chosen fast reliable shippers appropriate to the region in which you reside.

Fast and reliable shipping requires all documentation be accurately filled out. Please ensure that the address used for delivery of shipments to your place of business, is a correct street address and has the proper postal zone. Post Office Box addresses are not appropriate. If the delivery address is a residence, please check the residential address box. Phone numbers are required to enable the shipper to contact you in case of delivery problems and customs clearance. Multiple attempts to deliver a package because of an inadequate address, or nobody being present to sign the "proof of delivery" (POD), may result in additional cost to you.

Be careful when placing orders around holiday periods when your shipping and receiving departments may be closed. After several attempts at delivery the shipper will return the package to OCI at an additional cost. If there are special arrangements for receiving over a holiday period, enter that information in the special instructions box. It may be prudent to delay placing an order, until you are sure there will be no conflict between delivery schedules and office closings.

As stated in the Payment Policies section insurance will be automatically added unless declined.

Shipment to Third Parties

Shippers will not accept payment "on account" for shipment to a third party address. If you wish to send a package to an agent you must use our shipper if paying by credit card and we will add it to your charge. Or, if you are sending a purchase order, you must authorize us to "prepay and add" shipping charges using either our shipper or yours, to your invoice.

Turnaround Times

Orders placed before close of business, local St. Louis time, and paid by credit card will usually ship the next business day.

Payment by check will require the check to clear, delaying shipment.

Orders placed through the use of a Purchase Order will process immediately upon receipt of the PO if the credit conditions are satisfactory.

Orders requiring special handling and shipping may take a little longer to process.

Urgent Shipments

If you request "next day" or some form of an expedited shipment we will be unable to compute the appropriate shipping charges until the order actually ships. Therefore we need an authorization from you to "prepay and add" shipping charges to the invoice, in the case of a Purchase Order. Or, we need the name of your preferred shipper and your shipping account number. This will enable your shipper to bill you the actual cost. Either of these two instructions must be entered into the comments section of "shipping method".

Domestic Orders

Orders for delivery within the United States (including Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico) will be shipped by FedEx-Ground ( unless otherwise requested. Normal delivery by Domestic Ground Service is within four to seven business days. St. Louis is centrally located which should generally result in a faster service. Some locations in Hawaii, Alaska or Puerto Rico may take the full seven days.

Orders that have a weight exceeding 150 lbs. (approximately 30 documentation kits) will be broken into smaller packages to comply with the weight limitations.

A tracking number will be assigned and included in the order acknowledgement and shipping information that OCI will send (email) to you. You may access the FedEx tracking service at their web site to obtain shipping status.

If you designate your own carrier and assign charges "collect" you may still check on the delivery status by using the Multi-Carrier Tracking Service also found at the FedEx web site.

If you have special shipping requirements, contact sales at OCI in St. Louis. Please recognize that this might delay the order.

International Orders


Customs duties, local taxes, tariffs, and any charges for clearing customs are the responsibility of the recipient of the order. Customs policies vary widely from one country to another. We have no control over them and cannot predict them. If you have any concerns please contact your local customs office for additional information.

Please note that by placing an order, in one country and requesting delivery to another country you become the importer of record. You are responsible for ensuring that the products comply with the local laws and restrictions on imported goods.

If you use a shipping agent for clearing customs, and are directing that we ship to your agent, please ensure that shipping charges are authorized "prepay and add" in your purchase order, or include shipping in your credit card payment. Shippers will not accept charges to an account when it involves delivery to third party. They require prepayment.

Customs forms, i.e. Shippers Export Declaration (SED) and Certificate of Origin, will be affixed to the shipment identifying the contents and their value. SEDs are required for orders exceeding US $2500.00 in value.

Weight limitations may require an order be broken up into multiple packages. However they will still travel as a single shipment on the same waybill.


As with US domestic orders we will ship to these destinations using FedEx - Ground service.

Transit times assume timely clearance by customs.

For Canada the maximum single package weight for FedEx - Ground is 150 pounds.

Transit time to urban areas is usually three to six business days.

Europe and the Rest of the World

We ship using Federal Express "FedEx International Economy" to most countries.

To other international destinations, we ship using "FedEx International Priority."
Most major world destinations can be served in four to five days.

Transit times assume timely clearance by customs.

Individual package weights cannot exceed 150 lbs.


OCI ships using a distributor. If you require a tracking number, email . Then to track your shipment, go to