Privacy Policy

Our Goals

OCI has policies regarding the use of customer or visitor information gathered when visiting our web pages. We value your visits to our web site and want you to conclude your business with us in an expeditious manner. We strive to balance your wishes for privacy with our need to use technology to serve you to the best of our ability.

The Usage of your Information

OCI maintains a customer database that contains mailing, billing, and customer profile information, as well as a record of each customer's product purchases and registrations for business management and customer service activities. The information in these databases is used by authorized OCI staff and suppliers to process orders, charges, mail invoices, track shipments, purchases, renewal notices, announcements, and to respond to customer inquiries. Customer records are maintained for as long as three years following a transaction. Purchase and registration databases may be retained for up to three years.

Visitor Information

OCI logs all accesses from your IP address to our Web site, and summary information derived from these logs may be displayed for the purposes of ensuring a quality interaction.

Personal Information

Personal information is stored in a relational database and standard security methods are used to protect it. We require full confirmation of identity before releasing information back to the user for update over the Web.


Commercial information is obtained using our secure Web server and may be stored on our machines. When the data are stored, we use public key encryption on the sensitive data and require our staff to supply a private key to decrypt it. When passing such information internally over the Internet, we use our secure server.