A significant element of the TAO value proposition is that it runs on a wide variety of platforms. This is a result of the generosity and support of marketing partners who wish to see TAO implemented successfully on their hardware and software platforms, or using their tools. For information on becoming a partner, please contact OCI Sales.

The following list illustrates OCI's commitment to working with quality partners.

tpl-iforce-4c_sun-small.png OCI provides its users of TAO with superior support through its membership of Sun's Embedded Solutions Connection, and the access it provides to Sun's latest real time technologies.

TAO's enterprise quality solution of TAO for high end systems integration is enhanced by OCI's membership of
The Sun Developer Connection (sm).

OCI is a proud member of the
LynuxWorks Synergy partner program.

OCI is a WindRiver partner supporting
VxWorks RTOS with both their Tornado and Eclipse based development
OCI spans Windows platforms with CORBA solutions.
TAO and ACE is available on the SGI platforms as part of our partnership with the high performance computing team at SGI.
OCI is a member of the GreenHills Total Solutions Partners program and employs the quality "MULTI" compiler products for its Distribution of TAO.
OCI has used its expertise with eXtremeDB embedded database to provide a multi-platform solution for embedded and exceptionally high performance systems. With real-time all-in-memory operation, a tiny footprint as small as 50K, and enhancements such as High Availability and Transaction Logging, eXtremeDB lends persistence in settings ranging small mobile devices all the way to high transaction volume financial systems.
29west OCI has extensive expertise at developing high performance, reliable, market-data distribution frameworks built around 29West Latency Busters Messaging (LBM) software. Our financial clients have been able to consolidate their external market data interfaces and eliminated redundant systems without compromising quality, reliability, or performance. www.29west.com
OCI is pleased to host ACE/TAO in the QNX RTOS, one of the most widely used embedded OSs in the industry.