An appendix  in the various TAO Developer's Guide (available as a pdf download below) contains detailed information about TAO’s compliance (as each version has evolved) with various OMG CORBA specifications. The information in these appendices should not be considered as a legally binding statement. It reflects the intent of the developers of TAO, based on their interpretation of the various OMG specifications. There are presently no detailed, generally recognized acceptance tests at the level of the OMG specifications listed in these appendices.

Whereas compliance with OMG specifications is a design goal of TAO, it is also a continuing pursuit. As a user of TAO, you can help in this pursuit by contacting us if you feel TAO’s implementation misinterprets any part of the cited OMG specifications, or even better, by contributing ideas and source code for how TAO’s compliance could be improved.

In some situations TAO's implementation of the OMG architecture is not complete. This may be due to the fact that the specs. had features that were put in (just in case) for completeness, but subsequent useage patterns have indicated no real need by users. TAO features are mostly driven by a need.

CORBA compliance information for TAO 2.2a

CORBA compliance information for TAO 2.0a

CORBA compliance information for TAO 1.6a

CORBA compliance information for TAO 1.4a

CORBA compliance information for TAO 1.3a

CORBA compliance information for TAO 1.2a

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